Water Purification Plants

Best Water Purification Plants

Being pioneers in the industry, We have water purification plants and we are the leading manufacturer, we offer Water Purification Plants in Pune.

water purification plants

Water Purification Plants

Brand Indrayani Aquatech
Water Source Type Borewell Water
Treatment Technique RO
Water Storage Capacity 1000 L
Purification Capacity 1000L
Type Of Purification Plants Reverse Osmosis

Indrayani Aquatech a complite water solution

  • 1000 lph ro plant (fully automatic)
  • hp cri pump model-dora
  • 15 cri high pressure pump model-mvc
  • Membrane 4040-axeon(work upto 5000 tds)
  • Stainless steel 4080 housing-2
  • Stainless steel skid full size
  • Automatic & manual proton 11 control panel
  • 14*65 vessels-2
  • Sand 100kg
  • 9000 iv carbon 50 kg
  • Antiscallent liquid 5 ltr
  • Installation free
  • Transport free(all over mh)
  • 1 year on-site warranty+service free

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